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Another one….. in!

You might recall the Richmond Residence from April 2011. Well, here it is!

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Solving drainage problems, increasing groundwater recharge, eliminating run-off to sewers, and enhancing the curb appeal……!

It is time to put in some raingardens!!!

This garden was installed last fall in association with the Center for Neighborhood Technology.


Check out Piet Oudolf’s new book.

Installing the Lurie Garden with Piet

Women in the Dirt

Women in the Dirt Trailer 1 from Wind Media Productions on Vimeo.

Mi Parque – a space-making App 4 Metro Chicago

Mi Parque Spacemaking App Demo Video


Apps 4 Metro Chicago – the winners!

Check out the Apps 4 Metro Chicago winners of Round Two.


Apps 4 Metro Chicago is still going strong.  Round Three is due December 2!



CNT’s Rain Garden ……. Education Component…

This is the beginning of a larger effort to initiate educational programming at the CNT garden on Western Avenue.  Check it out!

More videos here.

CNT’s Garden Party

Here are some pictures from the party. Also, check out the videos!

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CNT-West Garden…. ready for plants

Getting Ready for Water…….

The Raingarden Conveyance Channel  is being lined with river rocks.  The water from the roof will be piped to this lined channel, then will travel to the raingarden basin.  The conveyance channel is steeply pitched away from the building  to encourage the water to travel away from the building. The Channel is also lined with a geotextile fabric to reduce the ability of water to percolate into the soil and gravel along the building foundation.  The river rock lining holds the fabric and looks nice.

Getting Ready for Plants…….

Final grading was performed by raking the planting soil and sculpting it to the final grades. The planting areas were marked with inverted spray paint.  Native plant plugs will be installed by volunteers.  Pictures of the site planted are coming soon….

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CNT-West Garden – almost ready for plants

Center for Neighborhood Technology’s new garden on Western Avenue is almost ready for plants.

Most of the hardscape work is done. Some work is still required to get the pergola finished.  Plants should arrive this week and will be installed this weekend by Chicago Conservation Corps!

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