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The RIVERS Project… part of FRED Weekend


Riverside, Illinois is hosting FRED, in honor of Frederick Law Olmsted. The RIVERS Project is a collaboration with among Lupfer Landscaping, Dig Right In Landscaping, Semiramis Studio, and Aquascapes. We are offering to address residents’ flooding problems with installation work culminating in a green infrastructure extreme build and education event August 16-18! Contact the number on the postcard above if you are intersted in attending or addressing your flooding problem. Exciting!

The Studio’s New Rain Garden at TRITON COLLEGE Gets Some “Ink”……!

See full publication here:

Please see the earlier post about Triton’s Rain Garden here.

Watch the Rain Garden Do It’s Thing…!

Watch the Video:  Semiramis Studio’s garden at CNT-E

The Garden at CNT Energy during a rainstorm with the newly diverted downspout water going into the garden!

Want to know more?

Let’s Go Chicago Pitches in at CNT’s Garden!


In preparation for the Bucktown Garden walk this weekend, Let’s Go Chicago planted native sedges in the parkway outside Center for Neighborhood Technology’s building at 1741 Western Avenue. The building houses CNT Energy, so the group also learned about Energy’s programs and toured the building. The group’s assistance doing final planting in the garden was key in getting he garden in shape for tomorrow. Pizzo Native Plants donated more plants and Grace Koehler taught the grup about native plants. Thanks everyone!

The Rain Garden Project

Please check out The Rain Garden Project.

Echinacea ‘Ruby Star’ Aglow in Yesterday’s Heat and Humidity!


Gangway Drainage Solution….. Refining the Grading & Getting Ready to Lay Some Gravel and Drainpipe


Peter Hoy is working on the fine grading and the team is checking the depth of our trench. We are creating a green infrastructure drainage solution to trapped water in a gangway. By directing the water to a trench that ends in a dry well in the front yard, the water will no longer be trapped between the houses, causing the house foundations to be unnecessarily moist. This project is a collaboration between Let’s Go Chicago and Semiramis Studio. You may recall the Studio installed several raingardens last fall in associaton with The Center for New Technology. Let’s Go Chicago collaborated on a few of those projects, as well.


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